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Throughout the United States, thousands of families are made whole each year. Warm, loving, and wholehearted gifts that foster parents dream of…What you don’t know is that many of these foster families have lots of secrets behind closed doors…our archive of tapes proves just that… These videotapes tell the real story of foster families throughout America. Never before seen footage of the creepiest foster family living you’ll ever see.

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Some of our most popular scenes include: Asian Foster Daughter Trained To Serve, Foster Siblings Compete For Attention In The Bedroom, Foster Daughter Learns That Stealing Is Wrong, and Religious Foster Mom Teaches Her Daughter Obedience.

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Our FosterTapes fans love these scenes so much, they just couldn’t keep it to themselves. Check out what they have to say in the comments!

I so want a slice of that cake! And some Hazel Cherry Pie! - cpc291965
I love Ember and her hot ass body, she’s a hottie for sure.
See the episode “Foster Daughter Benefits From Physical Bonding Exercise” for perfection from this series.
More like this! More dirty dad/ mommy talk and more foursome foster family swap vignettes
A thumbs up for the ladies!
As an orphan who was raised by foster parents from the age of 10 I wasn't sure if I would like this… But, I found it hot af. Keep it up guys!
awesome scene excellent acting and so erotic wow! make sure you don't miss the ending!
this is just a really good older and younger threesome site, enjoy the fun scenes
Excellent scene and series.

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